Episode 269 Taco and The Goat Wrangling Chronicles with Jake Low

April 9th, 2018

In this Episode I had Jake Low on the show. He was a blast to have on and has had quite the adventure with his goats. In this episode we cover:


  • Bear Hunting
  • Bear Baiting
  • Why did you want an animal to pack things?
  • First goat “Auto” second goat “Taco”
  • Ideal pack goat start
  • Oatis the asshole
  • The different types of goats.
  • Weight range
  • Goats v.s. pack llamas
  • Getting pack goat equipment
  • Predator magnets

Instagram: @packgoats_n_bow

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Cale Staton, Hannah Herold and Zach Herold

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