Episode 3 Cari Craghead

August 15th, 2016

Here we are in episode 3 with Cari Craghead. Cari is very passionate about archery and the outdoors. She has truly developed a love for the outdoors and a respect for the animals she hunts. She grew up in Idaho and now resides in the central part of Washington State. She is the only woman in the state that is qualified to hunt with all 7 legal hunting implements, teaches hunters education and bowhunter education, is a co-op shooter for “Carter,” a staff shooter for “Black Sheep,” and is on several other pro staff teams.

In this episode we cover:

  • Becoming a sponsored shooter; the do’s and the don’ts of the journey.
  • Getting started in tournament archery.
  • A few hunting tips and tactics.
  • A success story.
  • A story with an epic failure in which she learned a valuable lesson.

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Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoyed the show. As always, shoot straight, keep ripping, and live life at full draw.

Zach Herold


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