Solo Hntr, Editing, Family Life, Memories, and More with Tim Burnett - Episode 73

March 11th, 2019

Tim is a family man and puts them first in all aspects of life. It’s not a secret that he is also very passionate about the outdoors and spending as much time in them as possible, which to him is a normal part of his self-sufficient lifestyle.

The love and passion for the outdoors all started for Tim at the age of 12. He would simply grab a backpack, sleeping bag, fishing pole or rifle, and go give her hell. More often than not, he ventured out alone, with the solitude of the outdoors calling his name. His camera days started in college when he bought the best camera he could afford and began filming his steel head fishing trips.

The idea behind SOLO HNTR was to be different. “I want my viewers to feel the experience rather than just see it.” And boy do he and his co-hosts deliver on that. In this episode we cover:

  • Tim asks me a few questions about myself
  • Chat a little about editing
  • His life behind the scenes of SOLO HNTR and how he balances family, hunting, destination hunts and what is most important
  • His kids and hunting
  • A little about his sheep hunt
  • The most overlooked aspect of filming a hunt
  • The most uncomfortable situations for him when hunting, the kind that make his skin crawl
  • Experiences when running into other hunters
  • His most rewarding hunt to date and why

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Thank you for tuning in, and we hope you enjoyed the show. As always, shoot straight, keep ripping, and live life at full draw.


Zach Herold


Music provided by: xEpic Journey

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