The One and Only Dave Beronio - Episode 11

July 4th, 2018

Dave Beronio is a man of many talents. He’s driven, compassionate, mischievous, and on top of it all, he’s absolutely hilarious! Today Steven talks with Dave about everything from, his pro Ski racing, being a dad, to his run for Train To Hunt gold and being an integral part of “Outback Outdoors” So sit back and relax, and see why we love Dave so much and tend to hang on his every word!

He was born and raised in Lake Tahoe, Nevada along the rugged snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada's. The mountains provided opportunities for excellent hunting, fishing and ski racing, which as a kid, were skills passed on by generations of avid competitors.

Growing up an athlete, Dave traveled the Alpine ski racing circuit as an Elite level skier, competing all over North America and around the world. He used this talent and secured a scholarship to attend and compete for the University of Nevada Reno while working on his Business Degree. However, hunting remained his true passion.

Life in the Sierras provided an environment that would allow his outdoor appetite to grow. He is an avid bow hunter, fly fisherman, bird hunter, and all around sportsman. Dave has a deep appreciation for the outdoors and the wildlife that call it home. He founded the Sierra Nevada Chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation, and is an active member of the Operation Game Thief Citizens board. He spends countless hours volunteering and working with biologists and Wildlife organizations that specialize in big game research and habitat restoration projects.

Dave is married to his beautiful wife Denise, and is the proud father to daughter, Hunter and his son, Gatlin. Dave is a firm believer in hard work, dedication and proving his worth above and beyond what is expected. He also believes strongly in loyalty, commitment, and representing himself in a positive way and showing his Faith in God. Dave feels it is important to give back more than he takes, and he teaches his kids the importance of the outdoors and how it provides the food to fill your soul. "It's all part of the adventure!" Now following his passion for Bow Hunting, Dave is also a host for the TV Show, "Outback Outdoors". He is one member of a team of hardcore bow hunters that capture hunts for their television show.

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